Newletter 2006

Dear International friends, In front of you is the latest version of the EEN Newsletter. It has been a while since some of us met at the final day of Euroride in June. For some others the last EEN meeting has already been a year ago in Ypäjä Equine College, Finland. Many of you have extended your international network during this last year. In this newsletter we would like to inform you briefly about all the developments that you have made. We hope this newsletter will inspire you to an exciting and valuable EEN meeting next February. Mari Zetterqvist Blokhuis / Pepijn Ott (student)

Next EEN meeting
The next EEN meeting is planned to be organised by the University of Limerick. Mr. Alastair Sutherland is highly motivated to make this meeting to a big success. The preliminary scheduled date is 16th until 18th of February 2007. As agreed last year, the main focus of this seminar will be on e-learning and teaching in a foreign language (English) Also the last year's topics, extranet and an EEN degree will be point of discussion again. Any other suggestions to the agenda are more than welcome. The definite schedule will be send to you before Christmas. Also remember to sign in for the EEN seminar for theoretical teachers in Ypäjä from 7 until 9 December 2006.

Hartpury College joins forces with the Chinese Equestrian Federation
Since three years Hartpury College is the official education centre for the Chinese Equine Industry. Initially this link was developed as the Chinese Equestrian Association (CEA) recognised the need to develop the industry and expertise ahead of the Beijing Olympics. The CEA have for four years sent nominated officials to Hartpury each summer to assist with the running of international events. In 2003 a delegation of 8 officials attended for the Hartpury International Three Day Event (Eventing), where they shadowed the worlds leading officials. Also in the following years every summer a number of Chinese officials attended Hartpury to assist with the international events in dressage and eventing. Amanda Ward, Deputy Principal said: "Our relationship with the Chinese Equestrian Association has grown from strength to strength, and it's working so well for both partners. Our staff and students involved in working with the Chinese gain huge benefit from experiencing new cultures and sharing ideas. It is also vital that there is a lasting legacy from Hartpury's major events programme, and the involvement with the CEA and the 2008 Olympics will hopefully then have a ongoing benefit towards the London Olympic and Paralympic games."

Ecole Nationale d'Equitation, Saumur gives start to Euroride 2006/2007
On Monday the 2nd of October the third group of the international "EuroRide" course has started in Saumur. Mari Zetterqvist has sent out a press release to all EEN members; hoping that everyone will publish the article in their national magazines.

Ridskolan Strömsholm, Sweden. Students going abroad on placements.
Two students of the Ridsportgymnasium (Upper secondary school) have applied for placements abroad. Encouraged by the strong International focus of Strömsholm, both girls are very enthusiastic to find a place. So far it seems that both girls will go to Holland. One girl will go to an International jumping stable while the other girl will have her focus on dressage.

Ridskolan Strömsholm, Sweden. Taking a closer look on student exchange during their course.
A Dutch student (Pepijn Ott) doing his placement on Ridskolan Strömsholm published an article in a horse magazine in Holland. "The aim of my placement is to create a possibility for all students on Equestrian Centres around Europe to exchange for a short period to a centre in another country. This gives students a huge possibility to widen their view, make contacts and gain experience." The big problem seems to be that semesters are not running equally and that different subjects are taught in different years of the education. Closer cooperation between schools in general might lead to better solutions. Many schools deal with the same issues. Animal welfare, reducing funding and keeping the balance between quality and financial profitable are common problems. Cooperation and acting as one front towards government and European Union could give them a much stronger position.

Ridskolan Strömsholm, Sweden. Actively involved in Seminars
19th and 20th of September Mari Zetterqvist Blokhuis joined the IESS (International Equitation Science symposium) in Milan, Italy. She presented the international website that aims to improve the welfare of horses and quality of riding by translating scientific knowledge into easily accessible information. Strömsholm also presented a poster that promotes the "EuroRide".

Strömsholms Nutrition specialist Linda Kjellberg (MSc) joined the Annual Meeting of the EAAP (European Association for Animal Production), 17th until 20th of September in Antalya, Turkey. She followed with great interest the workshops about "Effect of housing on horse welfare" and "Impact of reproduction technology on horse breeding programs" and actively joined the programs about "Equine Nutrition".

Ridskolan Strömholm, Seat study in cooperation with Agriculture University
In close cooperation with the Swedish Agriculture University, Mari Zetterqvist carries out a scientific study on the seat and position of the rider. The aim of this study is to define and systematically measure and categorise different problems with the rider's seat and position. And to study how the welfare of the horse is affected by the quality of the rider's seat and position.

The first 2 practical testing days have been carried out this autumn and deviations in the rider's position are systematically recorded and defined by a panel of experts. The students in the experiment group are now subject to a specific training program created by Mr. Eckart Meyners, Prof. at the University of Luneburg in Germany. Those students do daily exercises on the "Balimo-chair". Half December the students will present themselves for the panel again. Strömsholm received major help from Wageningen University in The Netherlands during the practical testing days.

Dressage riders from Dubai join summer courses at Strömsholm.
Three dressage riders working at the large racetrack in Dubai joined the Summer course at Strömsholm. They trained for one week with Strömsholms best dressage trainers, Eva-Karin Oscarsson and Marianne Esseen - Söderberg.  The visit of these women seems to be the start of future contacts with Dubai. Welcoming riders from the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Middle East are just a few of the large possibilities for the future.

Warwickshire College extends e-learning and develops computer-based learning materials.
The new computer based learning materials for farriers are now complete and will be presented in their final form at the European Federation of Farriers  (EFFA)  Association Conference to be held in Vienna during November 2006. The CD-ROM collection called " A Learning Toolkit for Farriery Students - Anatomy and Veterinary Science" includes three titles - How Do I Learn Best?', Talking Anatomy and Veterinary Terms' and ‘Inside the Horse'

The purpose of the learning package is to assist farriery students to use a variety of learning styles and interactive exercises to access essential knowledge  in the areas of anatomy and veterinary science. The programme that has been designed by Karen Tolley has seen contributions from Professor Derek Knottenbelt, Dr Christopher Colles, Dr Christopher Pollitt and Simon Curtis FWCF. The programs have been developed through a collaborative effort between Warwickshire College and Edinburgh University.

Warwickshire: Let us keep people and horses safe
The NPTC program and award is gaining momentum having been already delivered in 12 colleges across the UK since accreditation in 2005. The program is flexible in delivery and uses computer based learning and assessment to deliver key messages about safety to equine students and those working in the equine industry. All EEN member countries have been invited to take advantage of a complimentary place on the programme.

Cooperation with the FEI
Ms. Jacqueline Braissant working for the F.E.I. in Lausanne has got some contacts with Peter Strijbosch from NHB Deurne, Nicolas Dugue from Saumur and Mari Zetterqvist Blokhuis from Ridskolan Strömsholm. She is working on different development missions to help to start up equestrian federations in countries where horse-sport is still in its children-shoes.

Very often instructors from the EU are needed in these countries. At this moment there are vacancies available for example in Mauritius and Cambodia. The EEN network could be of high value in searching for people who might be interested to work on such an interesting development mission.

Flyinge (Sweden) Students on placement in Warendorf Germany.
Janina Karinen and Jessica Sundin have visited Germany's National Equestrian Centre in Warendorf for a period from 4 weeks. Supported by the Leonardo program both girls decided to go abroad for a period directly after their education. The girls write in their report about a great experience where they have learned a lot. They also notice that they became aware of what a great education they have had in Flyinge and that they recognized a lot from their own teachers in the education in Germany.

Warwickshire students go abroad.
Also Warwichkshire College has a strong focus on internationalization. Students can go on placements for periods of either 10 weeks or 48 weeks. Up to 6 students a year can receive a sponsorship from which they can pay competitions fees, travel expenses, horse equipment etc. This sponsorship can go up to £500. Last year also John Whitaker showjumping stables offered some sponsorship.

Warwickshire has created itself a good name in many equine companies abroad. They try to offer students who can "walk the walk, as good as they can talk the talk".

Last year students went to: Cian o'Connor (Ireland), Ellerston Polo stables (Australia), Clair Wilson Showjumping stables (New Zealand) and Pfizer medication (Germany)

Latest news from Ypäjä Equine College, Finland
International activities at Ypäjä Equine College from January 1st to the end of December 2006

Meetings, Competitions etc.

4.3. Breeding Holsteiners - a seminar with Otto-Boje Schoof from Germnay, and Ton Vullers and Ben Horsmans from Netherlands

11.-14.5. European Championships for farriers

15.-18.6. 33. Finnderby, an international competition in show jumping (Nations' Cup), dressage (international classes) and eventing (international classes & Mannerheim eventing competition)

2.-5.11. International Group for Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ) yearly meeting and seminar

7.-10.12. EEN. seminar on horse management and breeding

International students studying at Ypäjä
Arian Garcia from Mexico
Sergei Frolov from Russia
Elena Liskova from Russia

Teachers studying abroad (on-the-job learning, seminars etc.)
In January two of our riding instructors, Anu Korppoo and Anni Heikkilä,  participated in a seminar in Warendorf, Germany.

From February to  March two members of our stable staff, assistant stable managers Satu Peltomäki and Sanna Jämsä  studied with Kyra Kyrklund in England for one month.

In April riding instructor Anna-Mari Viitanen studied in Sweden and in August assistant stable manager Satu Peltomäki studied in Italy, both for one month.

Students doing their on-the-job learning
All together 27 students stayed in 9 different countries during their on-the-job learning.

12 riding instructor level 1 students: 1 in Italy, 5 in Sweden, 4 in Germany, 2 in UK 15

Other students (grooms): 4 in UK, 1 in Netherlands, 1 in Iceland, 2 in Belgium, 1 in Canada, 4 in Germany and 1 in USA.