The EEN Network

In October 1999, the Equestrian Educational network (EEN) that involves many of the most prestigious national centers in Europe was established at a conference in Strömsholm, Sweden. The EEN is built on mutual partnership and the frequent participation of all the partners. By working in concert the EEN members aim to develop their educational and pedagogic qualities to an even higher standard than today. International collaboration greatly benefits the level of riding instruction in each of the countries within the EEN.

The members of the EEN communicate regularly in English primarily via Internet. A major EEN meeting is held every second year, and there is also an annual meeting of the EEN working group.

The aims of the EEN network are:

  1. to improve Equestrian education in Europe by facilitating international exchange of information about current methods and new developments
  2. to enable the direct exchange of students and teachers between approved Equestrian training centres.

Exchange of students

  • enhance students’ awareness of different riding and teaching methods
  • develop students’ understanding of country specific hource management practises
  • stimulate discussion between students
  • increase international employment opportunities for students
  • improve the students’ skill in languages
  • contribute to the students’ self confidence
  • develop the students’ social skills

Exchange of teachers

  • get inspired and motivated for new challenges
  • get to know each other and learn from each other
  • exchange methods of teaching
  • broaden the teachers knowledge about riding and teaching methods
  • benefit the international level of riding instruction
  • improve the teachers’ skill in languages