Escola Nacional de Equitação

The ENE was officially created on 16th March 2005.

According to its statutes, the mission of ENE is to study, develop, promote and control the programs and training rules for the equestrian labour market. The school aims to provide uniform equestrian methods to riding and instruction, through specific training of everyone from horse keepers to judges in the competitions and to every practitioner.

The school is also responsible for organizing and promoting national and international equestrian events and also to foster the innovation of the several equestrian modalities, to promote horse breeding, and to encourage and support the use of horse riding for tourism.

The school’s headquarters is in Lisbon, in the premises of the Federação Equestre Portuguesa (Portuguese Equestrian Federation). It comprises several Training Centres spread all over the country with the purpose of allowing everyone access to the same educational equestrian methods.

Logo Escola Nacional de Equitação