Flyinge “Equestrian center of Sweden”

Flyinge is one of the world’s oldest active national studs, dating back to the 12th century. It is an equestrian center for education, breeding, research and training. The stud is situated about 15 kilometers from Lund in southern Sweden and was established as a royal stud by King Carl X Gustaf of Sweden in 1661.

2012 Flyinge went from “national stud” to Equestrian Center of Sweden. Our new statement is that we have everything for people with passion for horses. We are not just a center for education but also a place where riders can return and get new inspiration.

Flyinge hosts over 90 days of events every year, from International Championships to Breeders Trophy, championships for young horses and the Swedish Stallion performance test.

Flyinge is a place of outstanding beauty, where historic buildings contrast with ultramodern architecture; it comes complete with chattering storks on the roofs and magnificent horses in the stables.

Flyinge is open to visitors every day between 9 am and 4 pm, and you are welcome to walk around the grounds and see the stables.

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