Ridskolan Strömsholm (Swedish National Equestrian Centre in Strömsholm)

Strömsholm - The Swedish National Equestrian Centre is located in beautiful surroundings next to the Castle of Strömsholm in the county of Västmanland. It has been the national education centre of equestrian sport for several centuries.

The Royal Stud of Strömsholm was established in the 17th century and enjoyed its heyday in the middle of the 18th century. At that time over 350 horses were accommodated at Strömsholm. In 1868, a central military riding school was established by the king, Karl XV. This riding school was to characterise the management and the attitude towards horsemanship and riding technique in Sweden for the next century.

A hundred years later, in 1968, the military education centre was liquidated and the responsibility of management was transferred to the Swedish Equestrian Federation.

Today Strömsholm is a modern Equestrian Centre with all the facilities you need. There are seven indoor schools, a number of outdoor arenas, a cross-country course and stables for approximately 250 horses, which encourages excellent training and competition possibilities. The centre in Strömsholm can accommodate up to 200 people.

You will find a number of very able and experienced teachers. On the staff there are successful international riders with Olympic experience. The school horses are top quality Swedish warm blood, well trained for their tasks.

  • Strömsholm educate riding instructors, coaches, youth leaders, grooms and officials to Swedish Equestrian Events, as well as stable personnel and work riders for racing stables.
  • The second year of the Diploma in Equine Studies for riding instructors, provided by the Swedish University of Agricultural Science is based in Strömsholm.
  • Future competitors receive their education thanks to the possibility of entering the National Upper Secondary School for Athletics (Senior High School Level).
  • Since 2002 we offer an elite program for promising Young Riders to become successful competitors in dressage or show jumping.
  • RS arrange clinics in all disciplines and levels, and are open to everybody.
  • RS is also a residential college for adult education.
  • RS pursues scientific research together with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Within the grounds of the castle, situated in a beautiful setting, is the National Equestrian Arena. During June every year, Strömsholm hosts the annual, classical summer event at the arena, Strömsholmstävlingen. The event dates back to the early 20th century and covers show jumping, dressage, eventing and driving. It is a festival that usually attracts more than 20.000 visitors every year. This is a perfect opportunity for the teachers and students from Ridskolan Strömsholm to practice their skills, and also an event none of the riders of the National team, including Olympic, World and European medallists, will miss! Apart from these events, Ridskolan Strömsholm also holds a number of bigger and smaller competitions at different levels throughout the year.

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photo Ridskolan Strömsholm