The ESKO project – Exchange of Skills, Knowledge and Opportunities - was a collaborative effortbetween seven institutions for equine education that are members of the Equestrian Educational Network (EEN). The EEN is network between institutions, which provide vocational education in horse business.The primary objective of the project was to develop a common structure for exchange of students. It would facilitate students to move between institutions in different countries and therefore gain a wide range of knowledge and employability skills. It would also improve the mobility of the equestrian work force in general.Within the different workshops of the ESKO-project the hosting school provided their facilities and they showed their approach regarding the development of knowledge, skills and competences related to in advance defined areas of the horse business. The students from the participating schools were involved in the practical demonstrations from the hosting school. In that way they got the chance to get an “experience nugget” regarding the life as a student within the hosting school and education system. Out of this the participating teachers were able to add their approach and opinions regarding the different topics. Out of this setting the workshops developed to a learning environment for all participants. For the students, the teachers and also for hosting school and its staff. In the evenings of this events the hosting schools organized unofficial and official dinners. This were created to share cultural habits and traditions. Especially for the students this was also a good setting to develop their personal competences. Beside the necessity to speak English, so to use a foreign language, social and civic competences are trained in this kind of settings. To learn how to learn was always one of the main points in the different meetings. On one hand regarding the discussions around the conditions of working placements and on the other hand regarding the development of the different settings of the events in ESKO.