ESKO final workshop and Students’ Clinic - Portugal, 21st – 22nd July 2014

Within the final meeting we discussed the final documents and tried to summarize the project. We also discussed about the possibilities how to evaluate the project.  Beside that we discussed also into depth what we have to do for the final report.

During the meeting the students had the task to prepare a presentation about the different education system in the participating countries. The task for the students out of different nationalities to present a foreign education system in front of all participating people.

This was assessed by the participating teachers and in that way they were able to add their approach and opinions regarding the different contents. Out of this setting the workshops developed to a learning environment for all participants. For the students, the teachers and also for hosting school and its staff. Especially at the end of the project this was a good tool to see how important it is to go on with this cooperation. It was clearly viewable what we have in common, what is different and why and also what we were not able to communicate in a proper way about the function of our systems.

Required job-related skills and competences:

  • To inform yourself about other education systems
  • Plan a presentation within a team based on this information.
  • Give a target group related presentation as a team in front of a big group
  • Analyze after the presentation the own performance

Required language skills and competences:

  • Communication with the students from the other schools (English)
  • Communicate and use of the right English terms during the presentation
  • Communication and discuss with the audience participating teachers (English)

Required organizational skills and competences:

  • To plan and organize a presentation
  • To organize the needed environment for the presentation

Required social skills and competences:

  • Cooperation with the students and the staff of the hosting school
  • Empathy for the audience and the team members
  • Open minded for the cultural habits and tradition of the hosting country