ESKO workshop and Students’ Clinic - Starum, 25th – 27th February 2014

After the discussions in Strömsholm around the prepared material we went on to discuss the overworked drafts and we also included the students in that discussion.
We talked about the following drafts:

  • Information for students
  • Information for working placement providers
  • Evaluation tool for working placements

We discussed this into depth and decided how we would like to go on with that products and what we have to change for the next meeting.

Beside that we organized student’s clinics. The idea was that the students from the participating schools were involved in the practical work of the hosting school. In that way they got the chance to get an “experience nugget” regarding the life as a student within the hosting school and education system. At the end the students had to practice lessons in jumping for a group of riders. The task was to analysis different horse-rider-combination regarding their strength and weaknesses in jumping and create out of this a plan for a suitable lesson for all riders. This was assessed by the participating teachers and in that way they were able to add their approach and opinions regarding the different contents. Out of this setting the workshops developed to a learning environment for all participants. For the students, the teachers and also for hosting school and its staff.

Required job-related skills and competences:

  • To analyze different horses-rider-combination regarding their strength and weaknesses
  • Plan lessons based on this analysis in jumping for a group of riders.
  • Practice a lesson in jumping for a group of riders in using the principles of riding
  • Act in the lesson participant (rider) orientated regarding pedagogical principles
  • Analyze after the lesson the own performance

Required language skills and competences:

  • Communication with the staff of the hosting school (English)
  • Communicate and use of the right English terms during the lesson
  • Communication with the riders (English)
  • Communication and discuss with the audience participating teachers (English)

Required organizational skills and competences:

  • To plan and organize a lesson for a group of riders in jumping
  • To organize the needed environment for the lesson

Required social skills and competences:

  • Cooperation with the students and the staff of the hosting school
  • Empathy for the riders in the lesson
  • Open minded for the cultural habits and tradition of the hosting country