Schools´ Project for Equestrian Educational Development (SPEED)

photo Meeting Saumur Speed 2010

The SPEED project is a two-year Leonardo Partnership program that involves the schools within the EEN network.

The primary objective of the project is to demonstrate transparency within European equestrian education for riding instructors on level 1-3 to fit in with the EQF (European Qualification Framework). Educational systems in Equestrian sport should be comparable and it should be easy for students to move between institutions in different countries and thereby gain a wide range of knowledge and employability skills.

To achieve these objectives all participating partners will be involved in the planned activities: workshops, meetings, demonstrations and exchanges.

Five of the eleven members of the EEN network has received funding for the project: Flyinge AB and Ridskolan Strömsholm in Sweden, Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung e. V. (FN) in Germany, Institut Francai´s de Cheval et de l´Equitation (IFCE) in Saumur, France and Stiftelsen Norsk Hestesenter in Norway. The rest of the schools within the network will also be involved in the project.

The first meeting took place in Warendorf in September 2009. We made a preliminary plan for the tasks and responsibilities in the SPEED project and finalised the dates for meetings and workshops. In February 2010, there was a meeting in Saumur. The aim of this meeting was to learn more about the EQF system. We also made a first attempt to put the riding and riding instruction on international level 2 from the different countries/schools into the EQF system to make it possible to compare the levels.

In the next step of the project, there will be four workshops for riding teachers and students from each school. Each workshop will be two days and each school will send two riding teachers and two students.
There will be different themes for each workshop:

Samur, France: 16-17th of June 2010

Starum, Norway: 4-5th of October 2010

Warendorf, Germany: late autumn 2010

Strömsholm, Sweden: early spring 2010 

Each workshop will contain:
1) Demonstration of the end goal showing the learning outcomes concerning knowledge, skills and competence on level 1-3.

2) Show how the teachers work to get there (structure, time frame, standard of horses, facilities, methods, examinations, materials, literature). This should be shown practically and also be described in a power point or text.

The rest of the participating schools should also present how they work to get to the end goal and how they work to get there in the different subject.

Sharing experiences, getting to know new people and methods, having in depth discussions about equestrian education will help to make European equestrian education more transparent, fitting the EQF, and resulting in an increase of student and teacher mobility.

A final meeting will be held in Starum in Norway in spring 2010.

For more information please contact the coordinator of the SPEED project:
Mari Zetterqvist Blokhuis, Ridskolan Strömsholm
Email: mari.zetterqvist (at)