The 2nd EEN Students Championship

France comes first in the successful 2014 edition of the EEN (Equestrian Educational Network) Students Championship hosted in Saumur. From the 23rd to the 26th of April, the Second Students Championship of the EEN (Equestrian Educational Network) took place at the French National Riding School/Cadre Noir de Saumur. Flyinge, the Swedish National Riding School was the first school of the network to host this new type of championship in 2013. No less than nine well-known National Riding Schools from all around Europe took part in the championships. The rules were clear: each school selected 2 students, still in a training program of instructor Level 2, to represent their establishment. Ypajä (Finland), Flyinge (Sweden), Strömsholm (Sweden), Starum (Norway), Deurne (Holland), Warendorf (Germany), Hartpury (United Kingdom), Mafra (Portugal), Saumur (France). Program of the 3-days-competition: 1. In the individual challenge, the students were judged on their technical skills in dressage and show jumping,, but also on their teaching abilities and pedagogical skills during clinics in English . 2. The team challenge took into account dressage, show jumping and theoretical knowledge. The teams mixed students from different school and were coached buy instructors from each establishment. The Championship was overseen by high-quality-judges such as Markus Scharman, President of the EEN, Ulf Wilken, President of the IGEQ and international judge, Pedro Costa, director of the National Schools of Portugal, Peter Strijbosch, instructor of Deurne (Holland), and Pierre Ollivier, international judge from the French Equestrian Federation. The Ecuyers and French students from the French National Riding School-Cadre Noir de Saumur - did their best to welcome their talented visitors. INDIVIDUAL RESULTS : 1. CLAIRE FONTANEL (France) 2. PAULINA HERZOG (Germany) 3. DIETE VOS (Holland) TEAM RESULTS : (Coach) MEIKE THEUNISSEN (Holland) MARTHE VONHEIM (Norway) LINN SEGANDER (Sweden – Strömsholm) SASKIA OHRMUND (Germany) This type of event is a fantastic opportunity for future professionals in the horse industry allowing them to create their own network in Europe and to put forth their culture and horsemanship. Beyond the immediate success, the experience will enable new prospects for future placements and employment. For teachers, it is an exclusive opportunity to exchange experience and discover different approaches of teaching and training. The EEN is grateful for the funding from Europe (Leonardo) necessary to create this event.