Working Placements and its purpose

A Work placement offers young people to gain experience to improve their range of knowledge, skills and competences within their profession. It offers many benefits and opportunities for students within a vocational education and prepares them for the world of work. For the employees it is important to find well educated professionals to take over the responsibility for a lot of different tasks within a company or stable of the horse business. It is not possible to run a successful stable without good and well educated stuff. For that reason it is important for the business to offer possibilities for young upcoming professionals to make experiences which develops their employability. In that way the providers of working placements are doing sustainable work to develop the quality of the future professionals within the horse world. In a process of globalization and with the idea of Europe for the schools and bodies who are providing vocational education it is important to educate the students not only for the national labor market. They have to prepare the young people to gain an employability on an international level. For that reason working placements abroad are an indispensable tool to open the door to the international world of horse business.